hobby hob·by /ˈhäbē/ : a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation, engaged in especially for relaxation.

Looking at definitions, I suppose that World War 2 study and collection would be my primary hobby.  I do not find satisfaction or relaxation from the misery of millions of people who experienced this global conflict, but rather, I find it is the process of studying that calms my nerves.  Perhaps I take courage from so many people who endured it, perhaps it puts my own comfortable existence into perspective.

Whatever the reasons, this site is an extension of my hobby pursuits.  Collecting historically accurate miniatures is a medium for me to research and explore the history of the Second World War.  I am the original designer and creator of a detailed set of 1:2400 scale Aircraft Carrier decals that were born out of a need to ensure historical accuracy (although I am no longer associated with the production and sale of them) and I have spent many years collecting and painting.

This site is not intended to convey any biases or political views; only to share useful information and serve as a resource for other collectors and hobbyists.  To that end, I hope you find it useful.